Writing a Book from Scratch

Have you ever wanted to write a book? It's said that everyone has a book in them but how many actually get to write it? There are many reasons why ideas never get translated into books. There is the general business of life, leading to a lack of time and space. There is lack of confidence and fear of making mistakes. Above all there is simply the fact that most people are not taught the basics and don't therefore have the skills.

The good news is that everyone can learn what's required to write a book. These talents are not mystically given to so-called 'born writers'. They are adopted and developed by those who have teachable hearts and who long to practice over time how to write well.

If you are a person who has a passion to write a book but who lacks the proficiency, then this ten week webinar course is for you. It will help you to combine enthusiasm with excellence. This course is extremely practical. We get down to the nuts and bolts needed to become a good writer and then a great author.

Writing a Book from Scratch is ideal for those who have never written a book as well as those who are writing and who have already published. It is ideal whether you are writing a testimony book (an autobiography, biography or memoir), or a 'how-to' teaching book. It is ideal for those writing nonfiction as well as those who want to try their hand at writing short stories, novellas or novels.

This is an absolutely unique course from an award-winning, bestselling author and a five-star teacher and motivator. 


Prepare to write that bestseller!


Session 1:  Going to the Next Level

Session 2:  Finding a Killer Idea

Session 3:  Getting the Structure Right

Session 4:  Hooking your Reader

Session 5:  Honing your Writing Skills

Session 6:  Making People Interesting

Session 7:  Creating Memorable Scenes

Session 8:  Overcoming Writer's Block

Session 9:  Publishing and Promoting your Book

Session 10:  A Writer's Life in Pictures

What People Say:



“This course has been inspirational and motivational. If like me, you have always wanted to write but need some help in getting started then you will find these webinars invaluable. Covering a wide range of topics for the writer, Mark's style is friendly, relaxed and informative. By the end of the 10 weeks you will find he has imparted much of what he has learned and you will be eager to sit down and write.”



“The 'Writing a Book from Scratch' webinar series was inspirational, informative, focused and well paced. The webinar format meant that it felt tailored to the individual. There were plenty opportunities for Q&A, without the 'intimidation of the crowd' that can be off-putting at conferences. I loved the prayer and impartation elements and the generally unhurried pace of the course, as well as the opportunities to 'have a go' and practice what we were learning in structured exercises. Excellent!”



“Love that this course is so interactive and unpressured. Love that I can revisit it

at my leisure to take it all in too. Mark is so encouraging and focused in what he delivers. Not only is the content clear and pertinent, but there is an inspirational emphasis on great work emerging from rest, the rest that can only be experienced what we know we live under the loving and creative care of the Father who delights to partner with us in our writing. Great course! Sign up!”

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