This is a webinar course consisting of ten sessions and focusing on the wounds that many adults carry as a result

of being sent away to boarding school at a very early age. Many who have been through the boarding school system become emotionally disengaged and consequently find it hard to have healthy relationships and marriages.

This detatchment and aloofness (often appearing as arrogance) is a survival mechanism resulting from the

trauma of abandonment.

In this series Mark Stibbe shares from his own journey his unique insights about the pain and healing of what he calls the 'boarded heart'. Having been sent to a prep school on his eighth birthday, Mark has a very special understanding

of the orphan experience of the boarding school girl and boy. He offers a faith-based and Father-heart model of freedom for those who long to find freedom from boarding school pain and who want to experience reintegration and restoration.

This is a course in two parts. After an introduction, Mark looks at the cyle of pain in four sessions. There will then be another introduction followed by four sessions on the cycle

of healing.


This is an unique course and a liberating resource to all

ex-boarders, male and female.


Get ready for a joyful homecoming! 

Healing From

Boarding School Pain


Session 1:  Opening an Old Trunk

Session 2:  Lessons from Ebeneezer Scrooge

Session 3:  Deprived of Family and Home

Session 4:  Switching off the Emotion Chip

Session 5:  Learning to be Comfortably Numb

Session 6:  The Four Steps to Coming Home

Session 7:  Presenting your Orphaned Heart

Session 8:  Restoring the Locust-Eaten Years

Session 9:  Putting Humpty Together Again

Session 10:  Developing Healing Attachments

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