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King of Hearts tells the gripping story of Jake Graystone, a struggling teacher, husband, and father, who looks for easy money playing poker.


When his wife Sally exposes his secret addiction on Christmas Eve, he walks out and heads north for Casino City, leaving his family for a dark world of gambling, prostitution and murder.

How will the cards fall for Jake in this brutal, urban wasteland? And, as the stakes get higher and higher, will this modern Desperado ever come to his senses?


King of Hearts is a winter, festive story to sit alongside It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. Raw yet redemptive, it is a Christmas tale you'll not be able to put down.


At the end of each chapter, you will want to twist, not fold.

The Fate of Kings (2017)


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It is January 1793 and Thomas Pryce and his French wife Eloise move into the vicarage of St Leonard's Upper Deal on the Kent Coast. Within weeks, the King of France has been executed, the French have declared war on Britain and Eloise's parents are now in mortal danger across the Channel. When it becomes clear that he alone can attempt a rescue, Pryce enlists the help of the boatmen of Deal and sails to France.


After witnessing his father-in-law's brutal execution in Paris, Pryce travels in disguise to Brittany to find his mother-in-law, Jean-Marie. He is pursued by French agents whose ruthless spymaster, known as 'the Shadow of Death,' is the head of an elite group of freemasons called the 'Amunites.' When Pryce eventually locates her, his reluctant activity as a spy hurls him into moral chaos as he uncovers a sinister French plot of monumental significance, one which will stretch Pryce to the limit. As a vast shadow spreads over France and Britain, will the Vicar of Deal accept his call not only to be the Vicar of Deal but also a resourceful agent in His Majesty's emerging secret service?

King of Hearts (2019)


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