JANUARY 11, 2017 / 7:30PM

Primal Healing:

Freedom from Father and Mother Wounds

Over the last four years, Mark Stibbe has gone through a very deep process of healing and restoration. During that time he has received fresh and unique revelation about the effects of the wounds from our fathers and especially our mothers.


In this conference he will share the message of what he calls 'primal healing' - a Biblical model of supernatural recovery from the deepest wounds caused, either intentionally or unqittingly, by our mums and dads.

The starting point for everything is the revelation that God has always been ready to set us free from these wounds. As it says in Psalm 27, even if our mothers and fathers abandon us, God will hold us very glose. In the mother-like embrace of Father God, we experience healing from our primal pain and freedom from its toxic consequences. In this ground-breaking webinar series, Mark will give keys to our freedom and lead us all on a journyey of reintegration and renewal.

Each session will run from 7:30pm - 9pm (GMT).

January 11 - March 15, 2017

All delegates will be sent a weekly email with the recording so please don't worry if you have to miss a few sessions.


Session 1:  The Different Kinds of Mothering - January 11, 2017

Session 2:  What a Mother's Love Looks Like - January 18, 2017

Session 3:  When the Mother Bond is Broken - January 25, 2017

Session 4:  The Tell Tale Signs of Primal Pain - February 1, 2017

Session 5:  Attachment in Adult Relationships - February 8, 2017

Session 6:  Confronting Generationial Patterns - February 15, 2017

Session 7:  The Comforting Love of El Shaddai - March 1, 2017

Session 8:  Forgiving and Honouring your Mum - March 8, 2017

Session 9:  Putting Humpty Together Again - March 15, 2017

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