In 2012, having been at the forefront of the global ministry of the Father's love, Mark Stibbe experienced a major moral fall and went from high level visibility to complete invisibility. During his solitude he underwent an intensive restoration process in which he learned more in three years than he had in the previous thirty. For one thing he realised that he had neglected a vital part of the Father's heart which is that He not only wants us to enjoy his affection; He also wants us to get free from sin and hurts, and stay free!

In this Father Heart Freedom School, Mark offers a course designed to help us not only to enjoy a revelation of the Father's love but also a life of liberty from the sins and hurts in our shadows - a life worthy of our position as royal, adopted sons and daughters of Abba. God wants us to know Him as 'Righteous Father' and to be sons and daughters that live in purity as well as intimacy. If we get this right, we will truly enjoy the glorious freedom of the children of God and the Father Heart message will go viral.

Father Heart Freedom School

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