In this enthralling book, Mark Stibbe offers a compassionate, biblically based understanding of salvation that will resonate deeply with those of us not easily won by a sin-focused, guilt-edged gospel. Taking a new look at the relationship between the Father and the Son at Calvary, the author explores in particular the Father's agony at seeing his dying Son in pain; the Son suffering the Father's absence; and the Holy Spirit as the bond of love between the two, holding them in an eternal embrace. Dr Stibbe relates this to the orphan condition of separation and shame he has known personally in his own life. He suggests that in the excruciating picture of the grieving Father and the abandoned Son, we paradoxically discover the exhilarating Good News - that our true identity is as the adopted, much loved children of a God who longs to honour and heal us.

My Father's Tears: The Cross and the Father's Love


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