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Primal Healing - Student's Workbook: Freedom from Mother Wounds


Over the last thirty years we have heard and read a lot about the wounds from our fathers and how we can find healing. The wounds from our mothers, however, are an entirely different matter. There is very little material on this neglected subject, either spoken or written. Now, in this brand new and pioneering workbook and audio course, Dr Mark Stibbe fills this gap with teaching that combines unique revelation from the Bible with the latest findings about the importance of a mother’s love in neuroscience and psychology. Mark talks very openly about the wounds from both his biological and adoptive mothers, as well as other mother figures in his life, and shows from his own healing and restoration journey how we can find wholeness in the mother-like embrace of Father God. As you listen to the audio teaching and write notes in this workbook, prepare to receive the fulfilment of Psalm 27:10 in your own life. Even though you may have mother wounds, El Shaddai will hold you close and set you free. As that happens, you can become a channel of divine comfort to a world suffering from deeper and deeper mother wounds.


Session titles are as follows:

1: The Different Kinds of Mothering
2: What True Mother Love Looks Like
3: When the Mother Bond is Broken
4: The Tell Tale Signs of Primal Pain
5: A Blueprint for Adult Relationships
6: Forgiving and Honouring your Mom
7: Terminating Inherited Patterns
8: The Comforting love of El Shaddai
9: Putting Humpty Together Again

Primal Healing Bundle: Flash Drive & Workbook


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