Restoring the Fallen tells Mark and Cherith Stibbe's painful story of fall, repentance and restoration. Rooted throughout in the moving tale of Peter's restoration in John 21, Mark and Cherith offer hope and healing to those who have fallen. They use the picture of kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken cups using golden lacquer - to reveal how we are all cracked pots, but our loving Father is the Divine Potter, and in his hands, our fractures become the fissures through which his glory shines!

Restoring the Fallen: Creating safe spaces for those who fail

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  • This book helps to reflect the Father's heart of love to us all. As the battle rages for biblical principles and godly living, Restoring the Fallen is a rallying cry to the Church to tend to rather than shoot its wounded. Mark and Cherith's journey is a demonstration of all parts of the army of God working together to restore two of God s masterpieces. We trust that their honesty and openness will bring new hope and help to the fallen, who sadly remain untreated in the army of God. Indeed, may the Stibbes' testimony of repentance and restoration lead to many others being given support, so they can return with them to the front lines once more.

    Hugh and Ginny Cryer, Founders of Culture Changers

    As I have had the privilege of walking along this journey with Mark and Cherith, the Holy Spirit has taught me how to love without judgement, seek to understand with meekness, and love without condition. These qualities of the Kingdom are what Mark and Cherith share so beautifully and bravely through their own personal story and the story of Jesus and Peter. I believe this book is a blueprint for what we need to learn in the Body of Christ: that our brokenness is an incredible opportunity for the Master to goldenly glue us back together for a greater destiny. Restoring The Fallen is a must-read for those of us who may have fallen, and those of us who need to bring restoration to our beloved brothers and sisters.

    Theresa Goode, Co-Founder and Senior Pastor of New Dimension Apostolic Centre, Rhode Island, USA

    I was once asked by a young pastor what criteria I would use to decide whether to invite a man to minister who had a history of a moral fall. My reply was that if it was my church or event, then my decision would be based on whether I had witnessed godly sorrow and repentance. Once this condition had been met, I would have no hesitation. It was my privilege to spend time with Mark in private and to observe his repentance first hand. It was this that enabled me to introduce him to a conference audience and now to endorse his book. As I read the manuscript I was drawn to the references to the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which the value of a bowl that has been beautifully and skilfully repaired is greater than the original. Some years ago, I spent time with an elderly prophet whose words have stuck with me: Show me the scar and I will show you the man. Mark is showing us the man, scars and all. This requires vulnerability and courage. One of the great needs in the Church today is for us to truly learn and demonstrate how to restore the fallen, especially leaders. Of course, my great desire is that we learn how to prevent such falls, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ carries the invitation to repent and the promise of restoration. Restoring the Fallen showcases this Gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom, for which our Redeemer laid down his life.

    Paul Manwaring, Senior Leadership Team, Bethel Church, Redding, California Author and International Speaker

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