'Great buildings depend on strong foundations. This is equally true of great systems of faith; they too depend on strong foundations. On what, therefore, do Christians base their beliefs? ' Mark Stibbe


Many people today are asking the question 'How can we know God? ', but do not know where to look for an answer. In this book, Mark Stibbe points to a solution by presenting what Christians believe about God. Covering topics such as creation, the fall, Jesus, the cross, the resurrection and the Holy Spirit, User's Guide to Christian Belief is a clear and accessible introduction to Christianity and the claims it makes about God. Dr Mark Stibbe is Vicar of St Andrew's Church, Chorleywood. He has written many books, including the bestselling A Box of Delights (Monarch), and is a popular speaker both in the UK and overseas.

User's Guide to Christian Belief: Questions of Faith

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